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    Sometimes the only answer to growing your talent pipeline and developing skills and expertise is a formal banking qualification. But not all qualifications are equal. Our qualifications are experiential, enabling and practical.

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    Business Banking is a more complex game than personal banking. Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and expect more from their bank. If you want to deliver on your desired business results, you’ll need a best-of-breed front-line team with a differentiated skill-set. But educating your people to the right level is challenging and it takes time. That’s where we come in.

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Cornerstone Performance Solutions – Creating banking heroes through learning

There are simply not enough "banking heroes" - bankers with serious know-how and motivation - to go around in any given bank. Through Cornerstone Performance Solution's revolutionary Business Impact Learning© methodology and the use of ThinkTools©, we create heroes who can champion bank strategy.  

The Cornerstone Business Impact Learning© Journey


  1. We Discover

     Cornerstone Performance Solutions is here to help you delve deeper, discover what your critical skills challenges are and assist you to address them through learning.

  2. We Design

      We design learning programmes specifically geared to upskill the experts and banking heroes you need in a fraction of the time, using our unique ThinkTools©.

  3. We Develop

     Our dedicated team of banking subject-matter experts takes a detailed, systematic approach to developing learning programmes that drive the business impact you need to transform your organisation.

  4. We Deliver

     We provide expert facilitators and a meticulous programme management service for our clients, ensuring seamless implementation from facilitation all the way through to learner support. The result? We drive behaviour change, transform careers, and keep you headache-free.

  5. We Demonstrate Impact

     At Cornerstone, we believe in demonstrating the impact we set out to achieve. That’s why we will conduct a rigorous, independent impact audit after the training is complete.


Bringing you the latest in banking research and skills development trends in the South African banking industry.

3 Ways A Relationship Manager Can Build A Personal Brand

The relationship manager (RM), as the main driver of a relationship marketing approach through the trusted advisor role, is of enormous value to a bank – but it is important to know that the RM can be of even greater value to the bank’s clients. In fact, the RM has to keep his or client top of mind at all times, so vital is the client to the RM’s role. The RM who wishes to become a trusted advisor in the bank has to understand that he or she has a far greater purpose than just meeting targets. In order to become the trusted advisor that clients need, the RM will have to go about building a personal brand of excellence.

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3 Steps to Moving from Transactional Banker to Trusted Advisor

Banks know that relationship management is a vital aspect of their business. Most retail banks acquire aggressively at the bottom end and grow organically through migration to top tier segments, which is a sweet spot for overall margin growth. The quality of a bank’s relationship managers (RMs) is a critical success factor in capitalising on this upwards migration.

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Five Ways to Make a Leader-Led Sales Transformation Strategy Work for you

When a bank fails to create value for its clients, management often looks at the symptoms without understanding the root causes. Blaming either incorrect product pricing, inadequate marketing or a poor value proposition in isolation is missing the point, because there are often a number of factors that come into play. One of the key factors, however, is whether leadership is driving a sustainable client-led strategy that truly puts the client first.

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